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Advanced player tracking feature only works for a while

nya sun

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I've noticed problems when using Poweramp equalizer on my redmi phone to eq my Bluetooth earphone.


It seems that the advanced player tracking feature expires after a while, after which only players that can be recognized without dump permissions can be eq'd. eg. netease music.


If I reinstall Poweramp equlizer and re-grant dump permissions, it works again for a while, but eventually it stops working.


Note that the failure here is that Poweramp equalizer can no longer detect any non-player apps that play audio, such as bilibili. 


even though the advanced player tracking apps (like bilibili) appear in the list of known players, but in reality eq is completely ineffective.


dragging and sliding preamp has no effect on the volume, restarting the player and switching the player switch on and off in kown players list doesn't help

however, when just granting advanced player tracking permissions. non-player apps can be detected, eq is fully valid and changing the equalizer has audible changes. Dragging preamp immediately has an effect on the volume of the certain app (bilibili)


The settings of Poweramp equalizer don't see anything unusual, it still says dump permission granted, notification permission granted, and player tracking is on.but it can't detect any non-player app that plays audio.


the device I'm using is redmi note 11t pro, miui version is miui 13.2.3, and Android version is Android 13. 


The passage was translated using translation software. There may be some errors. Please understand if it causes problems for your reading.



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It seems there is some mistake in my description.

On my device, the advanced player tracking needs to be turned on to get bilibili to appear in the list of known players.


However, I have twice found that bilibili's equalizer fails after a number of days of use, but not sure what causes this, system ota update, device reboot, or some sort of miui internal permission expiration mechanism? I'm not sure.


The result is just as I described, Netflix works fine, but players that require advanced player tracking (which I previously incorrectly referred to as non-player apps) fail.


Personally, I also found a quick way to authorize dump permissions. With the wireless debugging of Android 11+, I was able to authorize dump permissions on my phone via the LADB (local adb) app. This does not require a computer or another phone. You only need to enter the pairing code of the local phone.


After re-granting dump permissions, the equalizer works fine on bilibili, I'll keep watching to see if there are any new clues that the equalizer is not working.

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Thanks for the detailed report. The bilibili app is very aggressive with the audio tracks and other resources so equalizing it may be a challenge due to some hardcoded limits on number of effects allowed on the system. Anyways equalizing video apps brings extra delay and desynchronization, as equalizing effect is focused on music content.

Another possible issue is background process limitations (when app is silently killed in the background) but if you have equalizer ui active, that’s not it.

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