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Change track Galaxy S2


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I paid a quiet a lot for this app, so i dont really want to leave it and look for other apps or workarounds

I had Optimus One before and everything was awesome. I could switch to the next song without watching my phone just with hand in my pocket by holding volume button(by clicking it increased/decreased volume)

Hows that its not working on Galaxy S2?:(

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Same problem here.

I'd like to skip track with the volume button but it doesn't seem to work with the Galaxy S2 while it seem to work for other users with other phones.

I'm using the trial version but I don't think it has any impact.

This is a "go / no go" feature for me...

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Oh, that's too bad...

Do you know any solution to that (without using another ROM, if possible) ?

Some app claim to add this feature and work with Poweramp, but the few I tried didn't work (like Next Song https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tournesol.android.nextsong). I guess that's still the same issue : ROM that doesn't allow it.

I guess that without that possibility with my phone, I'll have to keep using my mp3 player instead of my phone or buy specific headset :(

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