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What are the requirements for a band logo picture in a folder, so that it shows up in the folder hierarchy view of the musiclibrary?

I put a small logo.jpg or logo.png in the root folder of a band and sometimes it works, but on other times it doesn't and instead it keeps showing the folder.jpg from the first-in-folder album. Cache cleaning etc doesn't help.


What am I missing?

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Artist images are not read from storage. Only folder (album cover) images are looked for:


Artist images can be auto-download from the internet though, or you can manually save a suitably-named image file inside the cache folder that PA uses for its artist images (using a file explorer app).



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It clearly shows artist logo.jpg files that i put in a root folder of an artist. It shows logos that i created that could not have been downloaded. But for about half of my artists it doesn't work.

I use Poweramp mostly thru the folder hierarchy menu.

My folders are organised like this:



Musik\Abba\Greatest Hits

Musik\Abba\Worst Hits 



In hierarchy folder view it shows a file logo.png or logo.jpg that I put there, for about half of my artists. For the others it shows folder.jpg or cover.jpg of the first album folder, also clearly those I put there, not downloaded.

The behavior of the app apears to be inconsistent and as a person on the mild side of the autism spectrum there is nothing i hate more than inconsistencies.  ;)


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