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Stream behavior bug/feature-request


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Poweramp does 2 annoying things wrt streams.

1. On connection problems, it tends to try the next stream in the list.
This is very annoying, since after selecting a stream, you don't want Poweramp to decide to move to another.
It should stay on the current stream, and retry indefinitely, or stop.

Poweramp should never try a different stream than the one selected.
A stream was selected for a reason. Streams are not an album, where it's acceptable to play the next song in case the current one fails/finishes.

2. When pressing "play" on a bluetooth peripheral, while Poweramp has a stream selected, it often does not connect properly to the stream url.
Current behavior, often observed: 

  • You play a stream. Very nice. You decide to stop/pause.
  • A few hours later, you connect a bluetooth remote-control, and press play on it. (In my case, this is usually my motorcycle headset).
  • Poweramp will often not initialize the stream correctly, fail on all next ones as well, and ends up at the end of the streams list without playing anything.

Poweramp should properly start to play the last played stream when a "play" command is received.
For some reason often it doesn't, and that looks like a bug.

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Poweramp treats a stream as it does any other category song. So if a song fails to play, the default action would be to move on to the next one rather than simply stopping dead. You could try setting Repeat mode to 'Single Song' though, that should prevent a failed song from trying to move on to the next valid one?


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On the latest builds, it is now possible to set the timeout value for unresponsive streams to larger values, or even to never time out (so once initially connected it should never "fail" and move on to the next item). See PA Settings=Misc=>Network Stream Timeout


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