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Fields need to use the semicolon to seperate artists names

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Just started using Poweramp and I like it, but there is one feature that I discovered is missing.

So in the genre field, we can have multiple genres per track, separated by a semicolon [ ; ]. This is extremely helpful since many tracks span different genres, and single tracks can show up under multiple genre categories. So I *assumed* this was with every field, and I spent many, many evenings adding semicolons to composer, album artist, and artist fields. But of course, this does not work like that.

A great example would be any track by the Beatles: under album artist, I have listed each band member separated by a semicolon. So when I click on "Paul McCartney" as an album artist, I should see all his work, including with the Beatles, not just his solo stuff.

Another example is the Composer field. Many tracks have quite a few producers and composer credits. Each name should be separated by a semicolon and indexed that way, so that if I am curious what other tracks a particular producer worked on, that would be easily found by clicking their name. As it is now, the composer category is indexed just how it is typed in the Composer field, so it may be a big long string of names, rather than each name indexed independently.

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This is already a feature, but you need to enable it. The splitting feature can be set separately for Genres (which is on by default), Artists/Album Artists, and Composers.

Go into PA Settings=>Library=>Scanner and choose the character(s) that you'd like to use for splitting for each field. You can even use whole words, such as "feat." if you want. Or just use ";" (semicolon) alone if that's all you need, it's very flexible.

For Artists only, there is also an override feature to cover any specific names that you never want to be split - e.g. to always keep "AC/DC" as one name even if you use "/" as a split symbol.

After you've changed any of those settings you need to do one Full Rescan (in PA Settings=>Library) to rediscover and split the tags.  


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