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I lose the use of the buttons if I rescan the library


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Hi. I use Poweramp (latest, updated from play store) in an Android 8 headunit and I'm having a rare issue lately (don't know if it happened before because I didn't try it):


If I go to settings -> Library -> Scan everything again, the buttons for "next", "previous" and "play" (which works fine until I use this option) stop working. Any clue? I think Poweramp somehow loses track on new tracks and thinks playing track is the last (but I can use those buttons on screen). Any way to empty the list to start again, without deleting all PA data?


Clarification: unit buttons are wired buttons, which works as headphone buttons

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Does the problem manifest the same way with the on-screen buttons, >> and <<, or just the remote physical buttons. If only physical buttons, what do you see in PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands when you try to use the buttons before and after this problem occurs?


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No; on-screen buttons behave fine, just a problem with recognizing physical buttons. The option to see "last processed commands" doesn't show anything when I press the button. I deleted data of app and now it works; I will make more tests to see if behavior repeats again.

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