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Poweramp Sound Effects

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To The Developer.

is there any scheme for more sound effects in the reverb section for extra pure bass(LF) and Vibration Effects?

as many music players have improoved their players to special features...

Z-Bass,X-Bass (Anti Distortion)

AM3D,Bongiovi DPS,AGC,Pitch,BPM.

Powerful bass for normal songs too.

Inbuilt Ai Bass Gain Frequency (Enable/Disable).


note: if you are in a car and a truck comes near you and noise with acceleration then how the effect is in your car of the truck( like reverb of packed car... any idea to add the effect in reverb?


some details are visible in screenshot...





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Thread title changed from "...ᏢϴᏔᎬᎡᎪᎷᏢ-ՏϴႮΝᎠ-ᎬҒҒᎬᏟͲՏ..." to "Poweramp Sound Effects", because (a) search engines and (b) we're not 12 years old.

What extras Max decides to implement in his app is up to him of course, but the general design philosophy behind Poweramp is to help provide accurate and faithful reproduction of the audio content that the studio engineer created, not so much of a whacky whizz-bang-bam DSP effects package.


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