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Simplify handling of Poweramp for android head unit


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Hi there,

I'm using Poweramp on my android head unit, which works pretty well.

But it is possible to make the handling of choosing new albums more easier? In my case it would be great to push only the button in the bottom left for the music library and it jumps directly into a defined group (artist, interpret or folder). An in the next view it would be great that the album/folder/whatever directly starts with playing without pressing the play album.

Is this possible with existing options? Or should I re-post it in the feature request?



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Some additional polishings for headunits (and larger screens in general), such as larger controls and optimized layouts are planed, but the functionality you request is already there:

- while in Library press header menu/List options, then long press the category you want for the library button - it will be marked with the library icon

- as for immediate playing, if you mean you want it to play target album/artist without navigation into the album track - no such option exists now, but I guess, if planned well, option like this can be added


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