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  1. Hi there, is there a widget for the homescreen, which displays also the played/remaining time of the track? Maybe also function to skip the actual album not only the actual song? Thanks for your help :-)
  2. Hi there, short reply to that feature request. Here you can find an external app, which can display the MP3-Info if Poweramp is not the active app -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53964813&postcount=1461 Best regards, Shadow128
  3. Yes, there is an option to make a delay to shutdown. But this is only possible till 1 hour (in my model), and then it makes then also a hard power off. Problem is also, that there is almost no possibilty to trigger on a system event to make a pause command with, for example, llama. The startup time from the radio is ok, after starting the engine it takes ~20sec until Poweramp starts
  4. Hm, I don't know if this is the same problem?! If I understand correctly, you connect your android smartphone with Poweramp over bluetooth with a "normal" car radio. In my case android runs direct on the car radio, without bluetooth connection. But maybe it's the same problem? Maybe there's a possibilty to debug/make a log on this problem?
  5. Hi there, another question ;-) As described in my other thread I use Poweramp in my car android. 98% works really good, but there is ony bad thing. Every time I switch off the car, the power will be directly taken from the radio. So there is everytime a "hard" poweroff. The actual playlist and even the actual played song will be stored, but not the actual track time. Is there any possibility to store the playtime (maybe every 10 seconds)? Thanks and best regards, Shadow128
  6. Hi, sorry for my late answer. Yes, I think we talk about the same thing. Attached is a screenshot, what i meant. Instead of the car symbol there should be info about the new track (when track has changed), maybe cover art + track & artist info. After 4-5 seconds the message then should disappear. A widget is not the best solution, I think, cause it is shown the whole time? Best regards, Shadow128
  7. Hi there, I use Poweramp in my car android, which is working almost perfect. But is it possible, that I get an overlay message with album cover and actual track infos, if I switch the track and Poweramp is not the active app (like my navi is the active app and Poweramp plays in background)? Thanks for your help, Shadow128
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