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Parametric Eq Misbehaving


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The issue is with some of the presets that i made. Actually the bands assigned to their respective frequencies dont seem to be actually controlling them or some of them are not working. I tried resetting the app and importing the backup files again but the issue seems to be with the files which have been exported previously also ( exported before the problem happened ). [imp] >> On changing the order of bands, that one works but some other band stops working or misbehaves(controls different frequencies).
There is also a volume issue on bluetooth with those few presets, that sudden volume boosts when turning up from 0 to any higher value.
The issue first happened when i added 32nd band on the eq.
Now it wont go and i tried importing the files previously exported but they are also malfunctioning. Sudden Volume boost and bands misbehaving . Tried clearing data but nothing helps.
I just want to get my eq presets working as it took me long to make them.
I tried redesigning that preset on an old backup file ( which had the basic settings and all) keeping the no of bands limited to 30. It works initially then the next time it malfunctions again.

Attached some files, the failing prests are "modify"

"Bl soft.."

 contrasted to the working ones >>"soft [room Corrected] " this work fine even on bluetooth.

On samsung galaxy J7 Pro 2017 android 9 pie

File 1.poweramp-backup Jul-22--2022-14-04-41.poweramp-settings Jul-24--2022-21-20-21.poweramp-settings

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