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android auto volume issue


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When i'm connected with BT or with USB cable the issue is the same, when there is a track with a lot of bass or low frequencies, the volume is lowering and the bass are "muted".


I have this issue with my actual phone (xiaomi mix4) but also with my other phone ( Galaxy S10+)

When i use another player, for instance AIMP, it works without any pb.

I think it's just a setting to modify ?

Could you help.


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Somewhere, the audio chain is getting over-saturated PA is reducing the gain to avoid distortion. This is controlled via the equaliser 'Limit' function. Try reducing any excessive bass boosting in the EQ screen, or if you need that adjustment reduce the pre-amp gain instead.

Also, if you are using DVC (Direct Volume Control) make sure you have Absolute Volume for Bluetooth disabled in your Android Developer Options:


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