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Can You Include Compressor/Dynamic Normalise Feature from EQ in Player

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Hi there,

Been using Poweramp player for a week now, sounds better and feature rich. However, I tried using Poweramp eq just for the compressor feature as my thousands of songs have different volume and I just can't afford to adjust each one individually. Poweramp eq doesn't work with Poweramp player for me after trying many suggested fixes.

Can You Include Compressor Feature from Poweramp equalizer in Poweramp music Player so that I don't need to use two apps if I only use Poweramp music player? The compressor feature is very important for me, ty.

Some sort of Dynamic Normalise feature (to automatically raise and lower the volume on-the-fly as songs play - not just a per-track gain adjustment like the existing ReplayGain) is also very helpful as well.

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The Poweramp EQ app can work with the main Poweramp app. Make sure you turn 'MusicFX' on in both Poweramp Settings=>Audio=>Advanced Tweaks AND in the second page of the EQ screens in the main Poweramp app too. Then in the stand-alone Equalizer app select Poweramp as a Known Player. Make sure you only enable DVC in one app or the other, as otherwise they will clash.

There are plans to add the compressor feature into the main app at some point, but I'm not sure how soon. In the meantime, Poweramp does support the ReplayGain tag in order to match the peak levels between different songs. 


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