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Poweramp purchased on Huawei error

Alex Homan

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Good day!

I have a Huawei device with Aurora store (no Google Play store)

I have connected Aurora to my Google session. Opened Google Play store on my PC and purchased the Poweramp unlock app, which I was later was able to install successful with Aurora on my Huawei P40. 

But when I start Poweramp on my phone I get license check unknown error.

Please help!!

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You need to have the full Goole Play Store (with gapps) in order to complete the Google licence validation checks. Hacks such as Aurora are not sufficient. To use an existing Google puchased licence on a non-Google device you would need to sideload gapps and the Play Store.

Other options would be to purchase from the Huawei App Gallery, or purchase directly from the PA website (which can be used on any Android device, but only on one device at a time).


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