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Sharing a playlist

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Hi everyone, first post!

I'd like to share playlists between devices. Is there a way to this?

I have tried Playlists>Export, and used Nearby Share [Samsung devices] but this just sends the track files to the other device, not the actual playlist.

Any ideas how to send a full playlist, (files and the tracklisting file?), or some sort of work around.


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First export your playlists to files using Playlists=>Export. Find the relevant M3U8 file that you've saved and copy it to the new device. If it's already a file-based playlist there's no need for exporting, just copy the existing file.

The music files would need copying separately though, but I think you've already done that? Make sure the folder structure on the new device is the same as the old one (at least as far as the first level of containing folder, the root part will be ignored) as entries in playlists are re-identified by exactly matching the filename and the folder name that it is contained within.

If you want to use several internal playlists on a new Poweramp setup on another device, just use the Settings=>Export Settings/Data feature and only tick 'playlists' from the options screen. Then you can just import that backup file into PA on the new device using Settings=>Import Settings/Data. Of course you must have also copied the actual audio files (in their folders) separately first, as mentioned above.


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