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Main folder without cover art: Possible?

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It's me again 😉

My music collection is divided into main and subfolders. E.g. Artists > A > a-ha > Hunting high and low
Is it possible that the main folders (in my case "artists" and "A") do not show any covers? At the moment they take covers from the first subfolder where covers are found as a file.

There is an item in the menu where you can activate or deactivate this. But it effects all folder. 
I have now placed a black image file in these main folders, which Poweramp can then access.
But if it could be done differently (and easier), that would be nice, of course.

But I think, my request is little bit too complex, so I have to deal with the black or other image files (maybe letters a to z). 

Thanks in advance ☺️

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In Folders Hierarchy mode, Poweramp does not distinguish between any folder or subfolder layers as having any particular significance. Any given drill-down level can contain a mixture of song files and further subfolders - and as they are all treated as the same style, they are all controlled by the same List Options settings.

As you mention, what you could do is put a folder.jpg image file into each subfolder for which you want a particular image displayed. So for example in your A-Z folders you would create (or download) image files just showing each letter, and place one in each of the A to Z subfolders. Or if you just wanted them all blank, simply place the same empty image file into each subfolder.



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OK, that's what I suspected. Then I will do it like this.
With the Neutron Music Player, no images are transferred from subfolders to main folders in which there are no images. I was therefore surprised 

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