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Modern Black Skin: reduce size of cover art possible?

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Is it possible with this skin (or in general) to reduce the size of the album/track covers so that you can see more songs at once in the list?
If you play an album or want to select songs from an album, the same cover appears in front of every song anyway... 😉


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@CarlFredricksen yes you can, from the 3 dots on the far right. If you press on that, it will bring up a menu of options of which 'List option' is what you need to choose.  This will display another list of options,  if you scroll it up you'll see several choices under the' View as' option that will enable you to have smaller covers or just the track/titles. Also there is an option under 'Layout' to compress the header art so as to display more of the list.   Alternatively, you should also be able to use your two fingers to pinch in or out  on the track list directly to obtain your desired view.  I use the Luminous Dark skin, but I believe these options are part of the default skin too.

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