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You can set the Per-Track Progress restore feature to work either by specific folders (such as your Podcast folder, so all tracks played from that folder will remember their position) or by duration (which will affect all songs in your library, for all playback categories).

For folders, open the specific folder that you want to control, tap menu=>List Options, and tick the Per-Track Progress box. That will apply the setting for all songs in the current folder only, so you will need to do enable it several times if your podcasts are stored in more than one folder or subfolders. 

For the duration-based setting, which will affect your whole music library and does not require you to use specific folders, enable Settings=>Library=>'Store/Restore Per-Track Progress'. You can then adjust the Track Duration slider to the length of track for which you want this feature to kick in. You may also want to turn on the '-10/+10s Pro Buttons' feature, which changes the >>> and <<< buttons into step-forward/step-backward buttons, which is handy when listening to long material as the other positional adjustment controls can be a bit coarse.



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