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Support for custom delimiters for multiple artist tags


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Hello, i don't know if this has been requested before or not but i would like to request for an option in settings that lets you change the delimiter for multiple artist tags. For now the delimiter being used by Poweramp is "; "

I would like to separate the artists with a comma. It would be very awesome if there would be an option for having a custom delimiter for the last artist when there are more than 2 artist tags. Like being able to set the delimiters so that the artist tag would finally look like "Artist1, Artist2 & Artist3".


If this feature is already available, kindly let me know as i wasn't able to find it anywhere. I have bought Poweramp too if that's a concern.


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You can set the delimiters up to be anything you like. The option is in Settings=>Library=>Scanner. Here's mine:


The second option in that screenshot is to define any complete strings that you never want to be split, such as the artist name AC/DC in my case. You may find there are quite a few of those entries needed if you decide to use comma and ampersand as separators. There are a lot of regular band name that include those characters ("Emerson, Lake & Palmer", "Gladys Knight & the Pips", "Earth, Wind & Fire", etc) so generally they are advised against.

There are separate lists of symbols for splitting Artist tags, Genres and Composers. After having made a change, you'll need to do a FULL Rescan to apply the updated rules.

For further info, see:


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