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New phone, lost music

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You can save all of your existing Poweramp settings, playlists, ratings, downloaded artwork, etc using PA Settings => Export Settings/Data. Tick everything in the list and save to a file on your original device. Copy that file to your new device and import it all again using the Import Settings/Data option. The import process should only be done once you've got your actual audio files installed though, otherwise there won't be any songs present to connect the saved details to.

Moving your music collection (the folders containing your MP3/etc audio files) is something you need to do yourself, unless your new device has a handy 'migrate old files' feature. If everything is on an SD Card that's really easy, just swap the card over to the new phone. Otherwise you'll need to use something like a USB cable connection to and from a computer for example, or a wi-fi device-to-device copying system. Many devices do offer this as part of their setup/transfer process though.

Once your audio files are all on the new device, you'll need to grant Android storage access permissions and tell Poweramp where to find the files, using PA Settings=>Library=>Music Folders. If you need any help doing that (recent versions of Android don't always make it easy) please see: 




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