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Use semicolon with space as separator tag

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I use Poweramp for several months. I love it. So, thanks to the developers.

Just one thing for me wich could be better. 

On PC, the artist mutli tag use semicolon with space as separator : "Artist1; Artist2; Artist3".
You can see that with dBpoweramp software.
It works perfectly with MusicBee and Mp3tag.

With Poweramp it works with flac songs but not with mp3.

I use the same music files on PC and on my phone (with OneDrive). 
At the moment I am forced to use Mp3tag to remove the space after the semicolon. It would be nice if Poweramp can works with the separator "; ".


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Poweramp ignores spaces in separators by default, so you could have any number of spaces in a tag before or after a semicolon (or none at all) and it would still work to split two artists. So "Artist1;Artist2;Artist3  ;Artist4  ;  Artist5" would be correctly scanned as five separate artist names if you have a single semicolon set as a separator symbol.

Note: in recent builds of PA, you can enforce the use of whitespace (which is actually the opposite of what you want here) when you Add a symbol in the first place. So for your usage, please untick this option when you add symbols:


FLACs and MP3s should be handled identically, but do be aware that FLAC supports multiple instances of its ARTIST tag, while MP3 can use a null-byte separator within one tag. Some editing programs display this as <semicolon><space> (e.g. TagScanner does this). MP3Tag usually indicates these with "\\", which is easier to spot. 


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