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Just randomly play all songs in a genre please


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That pretty well states the problem.  Why is it SO HARD to do? I want to select Rock (or whatever) genre, select (preferably have it do it on its own) all songs in that genre, then play all songs randomly ONLY from that genre.  Sure would like a step by step from someone on how to to this...

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Go to the main Library Categories view by using the Library button (bottom-left icon). Tap 'Genres' then choose the particular genre name that you want to listen to. You now have two alternative options:

  1. If you want to listen to that genre's music shuffled album-by-album, simply tap on the Shuffle icon (left-hand side of the row of icons at the top of the list of albums).
  2. If you want to listen completely randomly to all of the songs within that genre, irrespective of what albums they might be in, tap 'All Genre Songs' first and then use the Shuffle icon at the top of the songs list.

Note: Option (1) - the Shuffle icon when you first view a Category - is actually pre-configurable. Go to PA Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>Category Items Shuffle. There are three modes: 'Shuffle Songs/Categories' if you want random albums to be picked and then their contained songs played in random order; 'Shuffle Categories' if you want PA to pick random albums but play the contents of each of those albums in normal order; 'Shuffle Songs' to ignore albums completely and just shuffle any of the songs in the category (i.e. it mimics Option (2) above, but saves you the extra tap each time if you only ever want to use that mode).


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