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Pause on screen off option

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I use pro version of Poweramp on an android head-unit for some time. Generally working fine.. However as those Chinese Android devices go to a form of sleep after a certain time, instead of shutting down, Poweramp has problems pausing on the last location and resuming afterwards. In my case the unit keeps going on with screen turned off for some time before going to sleep. If I turn the ignition on 15 seconds later sound is resumed with with 15 seconds passed into the track. It would be useful to have some option if possible to make the player pause when screen is off, because in case of the car head-units screen is never off unless ignition off. Tried to check for such feature but to no avail. 

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Android car head-units are funny beasts, especially regarding their shutdown sequences. In theory when you turn them off, they should send a shutdown intent to all running apps and allow enough time for that to be completed before closing down. In practice, that does not always happen.

Not sure how generally useful an option that would be though, most of the requests we see are just the opposite - as most people want to listen to music with their phone screen off (to save battery) excessive power optimisation can be a problem.  


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