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Forced Numeric Keyboard (No Alpha) When Trying To Restore Purchase


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Version Poweramp-build-911-uni Works Normal On My Android Devices, But Anytime I Try To Install A New Version (i.e. Poweramp-build-933-uni Or Poweramp-build-935-uni ), I Can Never Input The Full Password To Restore My Purchase. The App Itself Screws Up The Android Keyboard Functionality Only When I Select The Purchase Order ID Field. My Keyboard Functions As Normal When I Input My Email Under The (Google Account or Email Field), But Under The Password Section It Wont Allow Alpha Charactures Only Numeric Is Allowed (My Restore Password Is Both Alpha And Numeric). In The Password Section Field, Poweramp App Force Changes The Keyboard Into What Looks Like A Calculator/Phone Keypad. This Has Happened On Two Different Android Devices Running Different Android Versions. One Of My Devices Is An 8th Generation Fire HD Tablet Running Fire OS (Android 9 Pie?)


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I Guess I Got It To Work. Yes, It Is A Website Purchase. I Will Write Down The Email For Future Use. I Got It To Work By Just Keying In The What Numbers I Could Input (It Was An Incomplete Entry, But I Noticed It Had A Check Mark Afterwords). It Looks As If It Shows Registered Now. Very Strange.

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