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how to resume a track before 5/10 seconds where we left after pausing

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This is my first thread. So I don't know if it's the right place to ask but I couldn't see this option on the settings. I sometimes get off my bluetooth headset while listening to podcasts for learning English. So I want it to resume the podcast before a few seconds where I letf. Hope I could say what I mean. Could you show me how to do thi if this option is available? 

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Sorry, that isn't an option. You can manually skip backward, but auto-resume of playback should - by design - start exactly where you last left off.

If you don't use the Category change buttons regularly, you can reassign those buttons to -10sec and +10sec instead of <<< and >>>. This is done by enabling Settings=>Library=>'-10/+10s Rewind Pro Buttons' and adjusting its Track Duration threshold value to zero.


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