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Usb bit perfect mode

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2 hours ago, Cliffard Troye said:

Overall great I like the User Interface but there's one feature i wanna suggest to add on the next update the USB bit perfect it can bypass Android SRC just like other music player. Developers, i hope you guys will response for this and do something about this. I hope it works hehe

There has been other threads discussing this already. When you ask for bit perfect - what device are you looking to play back on? Bit perfect means exactly that, no EQ or other DSP functions, no resampling, no volume control - just straight output of the digital file as-is. So an external DAC or USB input device would be required to manage volume and any tuning after Poweramp sends the "bit perfect" data.

Otherwise what you and others are asking for is a "no resampling" option, to have Poweramp play back the files in the same bit depth and sample rate that the file was encoded in. This is more likely the case, but involves making choices for other features like crossfading, when the transition between two files with mismatched rates occurs.

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Yes, "bit perfect" is often used when one means "no resampling".  The latter, of course, would be a very worthwhile feature for Poweramp.  All the silly excuses for not implementing it, such as breaking crossfading, or that not every device supports all sample frequencies, could be mitigated with a simple disclaimer on the option screen that says, "Warning! Setting output frequency to follow the source file may not be supported by all devices and can break other features like crossfading and gapless playback. Only enable this option if you know what you are doing!"  Boom.  Done.

The present workaround of setting a single frequency and forcing the player to resample everything is not desirable as you are either causing your hardware to work harder than it needs to (in the case of upsamping), or you are not getting the best quality that your hardware is capable of (in the case of downsampling).


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