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How many times can you transfer the Poweramp website-purchased license between devices?


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I already have a Play Store license for Poweramp, but since I have de-googled myself, I still have to spend a week or whatever with Play Store and Play Services on my device to get the license to store permanently, ie after a factory reset or custom rom installation. To be quite honest, it's not that big of a deal, I'm not Edward Snowden and I could live with Google for a few days, but since i like Poweramp so much, I wouldn't mind purchasing it again on the website. Only thing holding me back is:
>Limited number of re-activations available – for device upgrades, etc.

How many times can one reactivate the Poweramp License? Just to be clear, I'm not asking about using Poweramp on different devices at the same time, I only want to know how many times I can reactivate on a different device, or on a different custom rom, one at a time. If I can reactivate the license many times, then I will for sure purchase the app again, but if I can only reactivate, say, 3 times, then it's lost forever, I'd rather keep the google version and live with it for a few days until the license stores on device permanently.

Also, does it require constant internet connection, or once activated it will be stored on the device permanently?

Thanks in advance.

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Validating the licence requires an internet connection. You can only have a website-purchased licence active on one device at a time - meaning an old validation would be revoked by installing on a new device - but since that would be happening anyway in your case, you'll be fine. Keep a copy of your confirmation email ID.


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