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Going back to album artist in Android Auto

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I don't know if this is something Poweramp can control, but in Android Auto, when a song is playing, there's no way to go back to album artist to, lets say, select a different album.

Instead, the back arrow goes back to the homescreen where you browse albums, artists and folder hiererchy. This is ofcourse suboptimal and quite distracting while driving.

It would be great if clicking on the album artist name would go back to album list for that artist.


The screen in question:


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I've just checked mine and it works as expected. So I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly.

If I drill down through any Category (Folders Hierarchy, Artists, Album Artist, etc) and eventually start a song playing, the AA Back Arrow (top-left) takes me back up one level at a time, rather than going straight to the top Library level.

For example, at the top Library screen I might select Artists > ABBA > Arrival > Dancing Queen, and that song starts playing. If I then tap on the Back Arrow I first see all the songs in the album "Arrival", then tap again to get the list of all ABBA albums, then again to return to the full Artists list, and again to go back to the Library top level.


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Now I checked it again, and it indeed works as expected, so I'm not sure why I was seeing the described behaviour before. The app did update in the last week, so maybe the developer fixed it.

Also, it wouldn't surprise me that this is the feature of Android Auto, and Poweramp simply provides the API to access albums, artists, songs and so on. That being said, I also did upgrade Android Auto to latest version few days ago.

Anyways, if it happens again, I will report it and maybe record a video.

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I figured it out when this happens. First time Android Auto connect when I turn on the car, and the last playing song keeps playing.

If I then press the back button, it goes back to the homescreen, instead going back to album page > artist page > homescreen.


So I guess feature request, or rather bug, still stands :)

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I've just checked and can confirm that is the current behaviour. i.e. if you drill down through the Category listing in an Android Auto session and start a song playing, the AA Back button correctly goes back up through the same levels of the category tree structure. But if the song was sitting paused in PA when you connected and started Android Auto, from there the AA Back button instead goes straight to the top level of the Categories list.

One other minor thing I noticed while testing is the 'Click Restarts Track' option in Settings => Library => Lists is not followed correctly when using AA. If that option is disabled, clicking on the track that is currently playing is meant to just continue playback, not jump back to the start of the track. In AA, that does not happen and the track always restarts from the beginning.


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