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Yeah, not a bad idea. I have always felt some kind of emptiness, incompleteness in the case of visualizations in Poweramp, don't get me wrong, milkdrop visualizations isn't that bad, but not that good either. I have always missed that classical, retro feeling. Back in the day when everyone's dream was those big heavy and bulky, stacked analogue stereo stuff, I always loved it's flashy indicators like VU's, peak indicators, spectrum analyzers and stuff like that. Man, those were the times... and those stacked analogue stuff were the real deal. It would be nice if we could have those stuff in Poweramp, however I don't think it would happen.

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From The image above, it means that seekbar, next track, and music control buttons have to move up, I like album art to be clean, nothing on top of it, I don't use visualisation because it hides album art, and consumes cpu (battery). 

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