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Album Artist not shown in Album view


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I am new here but think I have found a bug.

I have build-925-bundle-play [925004-e493ac43] on a LG G7 ThinQ, Android 10.

I have a lot of sampler albums and trying them to be shown as "Various". According to the FAQ I set the "Album Artist" tag accordingly.

Using the "Album-Interpreten" menu they are shown as expected, see Screenshot_20220307-190619.jpg


When I open the same album using the "Alben" menu it is shown as in Screenshot_20220307-190635.png using one of the tack's Artist


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Thank you, Andre, for your quick response! That's what I was looking for.

Wouldn't this setting be a more reasonable default? Showing the Artist of an arbitrary track for the whole album seems not very intuitive when there is another choice available:)

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Max has a preference for not making new features the default state, as that can confuse existing users when the app suddenly starts doing something differently - and then you get the whole Who Moved My Cheese complaint cycle.

However in this specific case, I can't see any possible usage reason why anyone would want to see a random track artist's name displayed in the Album header if there is an Album Artist tag available. Similarly in the Albums list; assuming an Album Artist is available, I can see no logical reason to display a random song artist in the Albums list view. I think that feature ought to be turned on by default for new installs.


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