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Up/Down slide feature from the main screen of app for volume control


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Almost all android apps control the volume on the right side of the screen. I installed Poweramp and what is that? There is no any slide on the main screen for volume control!

In fact, it's not even a feature. I found many topic about this subject but all of them is complex requests. The req is simple. Volume control on the MAIN screen. Not any screen else, on the main screen.

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Android already has a volume control system, just tap your device's Volume buttons, that's what they are there for. This also applies to many of the other Android audio player apps (Rocket Player, Black Player, etc).

The style of the Android panel that pops up when you press a volume button can be customised in PA Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Panel.

If you do want something permanent (or if you have some unusual device that does not have physical volume buttons) some skins do support persistent on-screen volume sliders - for example these are the options in YAPS:



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