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problem with m3u playlist


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First scuse me for my bad engligh, i am french.

I have a problem with m3u playlists. I use Poweramp on android to manage my playlists. My playlists are located on the root of my sd card on the phone. 

Each entry of the playlist is like this : 

name folder/artist - title.mp3


When i updated my playlists in the powermap app in the past, the entrys was saved to the m3u playlists, so i was able to use these playlists in my computer (my music folder is synchronised with dropbox in my sd card and my computer).


But recently i updated my playlists on my phone, the titles appears in my phone, but not in the m3u playlist, so when i transfer my m3u playlists to my computer, new entrys don't appears (i opened it as .txt file in notepad to check it)


I don't know how what appened? Maybe an update of the app, or a bug ?

Thanks for your answer, it's very important to me, because i use m3u playlist for my job.

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You don't mentioned which Android version you are using? Android 12 for example does not like apps accessing anything at the root level of SD Cards, only within folders for which permission has been specifically granted. Although it may work in some cases as implementation seems inconsistent. Using PA Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode might help. Whichever though, you need to ensure you have write access to the location of the playlist files.

I keep my playlists in a separate 'Playlists' folder within my main music storage folders, so I know write access is available. It's tidier that way too.

Do your playlists use relative or absolute paths by the way? PA used to default to writing absolute paths - which would most likely not work when copied back to a PC as its root directory structure is different - but recent PA updates now write relative paths if that is the original format of the M3U file.


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