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No SD slot, had to relocate music file, need help with playlists


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Is there a way I can change the paths for all the music in my playlists without having to go one-by-one through each song and edit the tags, or just rebuild the playlists? I've been using Poweramp for years, built lots of playlists, some pretty big, all stored on an SD card I've moved from phone-to-phone-to-phone.., and now all the sudden, no SD card reader. Devastated

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@andrewilley Okay, so what has changed is the first-level, because the files have been moved from SD to onboard storage. What I'm going to do is plug the phone into my computer, open the playlists in Notepad, and do a quick find/replace fix on the paths. Shouldn't take too long, I should have thought of it first. Thanks.

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As I said, there is no need to change the root path details in the M3U file at all, Poweramp ignores everything in an M3U playlist file except for the audio filenames and the folder that they are contained within.

So PA will treat


as exactly the same matching item as

C:\Users\name\Audio\My Music\Collections\Abba\Dancing_Queen.mp3

All it cares about is that Dancing_Queen.mp3 is contained in a folder called Abba , anywhere in the scanned Music library.


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