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Activations limit?

Willie Song

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I was a Samsung user, recently migrated to a Huawei phone with no play store.

From the FAQ, I understand that there is no way to transfer the license from play store to a Huawei device, tough luck.

I use Poweramp regularly, and I'm willing to make the purchase again. But as I read through the FAQ, I see this item


I wish to clarify, if I make this purchase for a none play store license, how many activations do I have? Is it a life time X number of times? Or it's a X number lf times in say 1 month? 

I have no such limit with playstore license, and I basically can change phone multiple times and still able to download the PoweAmp unlocker license to use it.

Is this the case with website purchased license?

Thank you for your time.


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There is no published limit, but you would need to be re-installing on a very frequent basis (e.g. installing new third-party test ROM updates on a daily/weekly basis). Regular users would never see this message - and even if you do, you can contact Support to have the limit reset. It's also there on the Play Store and website versions, you've just never encountered it - it's really only there to stop a single licence being pirated and quickly used by lots of users.


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