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PA not listing (nor playing) tracks in alphabetical order.

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Good afternoon.


First of all, I am assuming what's described below is not a bug, but rather my being unable to find / adjust the proper settings.

Now, I have just installed -- and later deleted (while discarding app definitions) and re-installing Poweramp (the paid version) on my new phone (a Samsung A12, though I doubt this matters). The phone itself is running Android 11, and it is fully updated. My previous phone was a Nokia 7 Plus (maybe 7.1 Plus), and it was bricked, so I can't access its data; Poweramp had none of the issues listed below.

As with my last phone, PAmp is set to list -- and supposedly play -- files by their filename / filepath ("Folder Hierarchy"?); I also have filenames as track names.

Now, in my old phone-PAmp, files *were* alphabetically listed, and played accordingly. The problem I started having as soon as I installed PAmp in my new phone was that filenames that were not preceded by a number (the track number, in most cases), were not listed alphabetically (I could not deduce any particular order in their listing), and played by the order shown. The other day this mislisting has extended to folders with filenames preceded with numbers (which are almost all my folders: albums, OSTs, and somesuch).

I really would like to make these folders be listed alphabetically, and play accordingly. Any ideas to what's wrong?


Many thanks!

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If you want to sort the audio files in folders by their path/filename, go to the songs level in the Folders view (or any level in Folders Hierarchy, where they are all the same) and tap the three-dots menu icon > List Options. Choose either 'By Filename' or 'By Path' as the sorting order. That should do it. Filenames that are preceded by digits will get arranged prior to purely alphabetic names. In Folders Hierarchy mode, folders will always be displayed before files.


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