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Substituir imagens das faixas pela imagem da pasta


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Gostaria de substituir as imagens das músicas pela a imagem da pasta (imagem solta dentro da pasta).

Observação: Não sei se há como mudar, por este motivo resolvi criar este tópico, mas caso há uma forma peço que me explique como fazer!


I would like to replace as images of the songs by the image of the folder (image inside the folder).

Note: I don't know if there is a way to change it, for this reason I decided to create this topic.


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Make sure that you have turned off: PA Settings > Album Art > Prefer Downloaded Album Art.

If there are embedded images within your files, those will always take priority over any in-folder images, and also over any existing auto-downloaded images. Manual selection is the only way to override embedded images.  


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