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Having Problems with scanning music


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I have the Note 10+ & after the Android 12 update, I scan my music at least once a month, but now I just shows the spinning wheel that it is scanning but after a awhile nothing scans off my SD card. I do have alot of music so I know it takes time but nothing is scanned and/or shows how many files got scanned. I even reset everything and start from scratch, so I can select the folders of what to scan from the tab "Music Folders" and its been 20-25 min and it's stuck on "Loading". In the [past it never takes this long any help, please.

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- if your songs on sd card with bad blocks, touching bad block will freeze process. No any workaround, except checking sd card for errors on PC/reformatting it/etc. Pi Player has no file scanner, so it may be not affected
- otherwise ensure your music folders are properly given permissions/checked in Settings / Library / Music Folders. If you use Legacy File Access, ensure Poweramp has file permissions (it will ask on startup, but if denied, you need to enable this via long press on Poweramp icon / (i) / Permissions / File access / Allow

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