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  1. Ok I'll see what I can do, thank you so much.
  2. Yes my cases are unique 😃 if your talking about the artist's names Soundtrack (007) SSoundTrack (2001 A Space Odyssey). But I'm not seeing how these file names aren't different from yours like (such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, etc). Yes they all have the word soundtrack in them but clearly they are all labeled by movie. I labeled them soundtrack to have them organzied in itunes better. Also still not understanding why all of a sudden it would start doing this. Sorry I am very good with computers.
  3. Ok I see whats going on, the work arounds I can do. But why all of a sudden the scan is doing this, it was working perfectly for so long in the past? Also did I mention when importing music to SD card it sends the playlist (.) files .m3u & .plb files and after full scan in Poweramp I click import playlist to insert the .plb files and delete (only from app) the .m3u files.
  4. Yes it's my root Sd card is Android DCIM Music ....then all the subfolders of the artists. Videos...ect But in Poweramp I have only have the SD card Music folder checked and the Download folder on the root of android phone but there is barley anything in there only have it checked when I download hour mixes from youtube from my phone and just do a simply scan to get them into powermp. And again I haven't changed anything in my itunes for the past 8ish years, album is always Shaun's Mix 9, I say once a month I add new music to itunes and then insert the SD card to add them on and do a full rescan about once a month.
  5. Oh ok thank you, so pretty much in simple words I would have to wait for the next update version of Poweramp? Like I said I know this happen to me b4 2 maybe 3 times in the past but not in a long time. It's DEF my favorite music player app prob for 10-11 years.
  6. I kinda get what you are saying, but I've always had subfolders like this since I can remember thus using iTunes & isyncr do import them to my sd card by putting my sd card directly into my laptop and not the phone. Recently I did reset my laptop to factory settings with my personal stuff still on the laptop (if that matters). I would of thought having subfolders would make it my organzied (which I like lol) with my music. isn't there a setting I'm over looking in Poweramp? I'm not sure what you are asking here----- (would it be possible for the playlist resolving code to be modified in order to pick up such cases - when there may be more than one foldername/filename match - and when there are duplicates, look further up the directly tree to confirm which one is correct? )
  7. First thats funny you said Back to the Future (#1 fav movie lol). This is what I have hopefully I made it simple enough. Also it's organized by aritist. Both all songs and the playlist. and thats all the songs I'm testing out.
  8. I'm having a problem with the same file showing up. I cleared my data/cache of the app but I did export my settings but got an error to import the old settings. Now I'm not sure if it is a settings problem or update version problem. The problem looks like it adds the same song file for many different song files. ALOT of different songs has the same title but DEF different artist. For example most of the problem is in my Soundtrack playlist (soundtracks for movies/TV) I have alot of the title (Main Theme, Main Title, End Theme, End Credits) but they all have different artist names but it shows up as the same artist. I noticed all the songs are correct in arists and songs, but not in playlist. Also on a side note same thing but little different have a 2 or 3 songs named aftermath (of course different artists) and it adds the wrong song into the playlist which it should be a different one. Any help would be awesome, thanks. P.S I'm only adding 2 playlist with 400ish songs for now to fix the problem then I'll add all of my songs back on mirco SD. I've had this problem in the past but I forgot how I fixed it. Also just my opinion but it seems the "full scan" is too fast and doesn't read each file 100% but I could be wrong.
  9. It has been working forever now all of a sudden it can't import playlists. After I add my music which I do about every week (through the SD card) it will scan the SD card and after I makes the .m3u playlist files, I got to settings and import them on my own, but now when I click Import playlist it says 0 import 0 skipped. Everything is still their (files & all) PLZ HELP!!!!
  10. Yea it was really odd...before that I would have a copy folder of my playlists, cuz sometimes when I do a rescan or (full rescan) it would delete the .m3u files on the SD card weird. Everything is fine now but if happens again I will write. I update my music on my phone at least every week or every 2 weeks.
  11. No I didn't try playlist manager I wanna see if i can fix it without paying for something...but I did CLEAN my songs (if that makes sense) with Tag Scanner on my computer and that fix (for now AND hopefully forever) it's funny cuz I normally clean my music anyway but I really haven't in a while. Thank You...
  12. Also I did another test I deleted every PList of SD Card and only sync my 2015 Music Set PL with only 37 songs in it and I waited for my phone to read the sd card had Poweramp rescan to search it found that 1 PL but when I import the PL it says it found 10 PL (WTF) lol
  13. Yes they do show up in my stock (Music App). They also show up all messed up, I THINK they it triples each song, because 1 of my Playlist has 333 songs in it and every time I export the playlist and comes up 999. I've been using the .m3u files, but been having problems with those since forever (plus I don't like the .m3u look of them that's y I export them to have the name of the PList look clean) I have a soundtrack playlist from movies/tv shows and some songs would duplicate and in be in ABC order WEIRD, but when I would export the playlist everything would be fine lol.
  14. I've been doing the same thing all the time, I import my playlists and there are only have 28 playlist but when I import them it says found 56 and now I have DUP playlist. Also the funny thing is the same playlist (ex: My 2015 Music Set (playlist) should only have 37 tracks in it, 1 DUP playlist says it has 179 songs in it and the other DUP 1 playlist says it has 105 songs in it. What is going on????
  15. Yea tried all of the settings nothing so far, thanks anyway!
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