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  1. It has been working forever now all of a sudden it can't import playlists. After I add my music which I do about every week (through the SD card) it will scan the SD card and after I makes the .m3u playlist files, I got to settings and import them on my own, but now when I click Import playlist it says 0 import 0 skipped. Everything is still their (files & all) PLZ HELP!!!!
  2. Yea it was really odd...before that I would have a copy folder of my playlists, cuz sometimes when I do a rescan or (full rescan) it would delete the .m3u files on the SD card weird. Everything is fine now but if happens again I will write. I update my music on my phone at least every week or every 2 weeks.
  3. No I didn't try playlist manager I wanna see if i can fix it without paying for something...but I did CLEAN my songs (if that makes sense) with Tag Scanner on my computer and that fix (for now AND hopefully forever) it's funny cuz I normally clean my music anyway but I really haven't in a while. Thank You...
  4. Also I did another test I deleted every PList of SD Card and only sync my 2015 Music Set PL with only 37 songs in it and I waited for my phone to read the sd card had Poweramp rescan to search it found that 1 PL but when I import the PL it says it found 10 PL (WTF) lol
  5. Yes they do show up in my stock (Music App). They also show up all messed up, I THINK they it triples each song, because 1 of my Playlist has 333 songs in it and every time I export the playlist and comes up 999. I've been using the .m3u files, but been having problems with those since forever (plus I don't like the .m3u look of them that's y I export them to have the name of the PList look clean) I have a soundtrack playlist from movies/tv shows and some songs would duplicate and in be in ABC order WEIRD, but when I would export the playlist everything would be fine lol.
  6. I've been doing the same thing all the time, I import my playlists and there are only have 28 playlist but when I import them it says found 56 and now I have DUP playlist. Also the funny thing is the same playlist (ex: My 2015 Music Set (playlist) should only have 37 tracks in it, 1 DUP playlist says it has 179 songs in it and the other DUP 1 playlist says it has 105 songs in it. What is going on????
  7. Yea tried all of the settings nothing so far, thanks anyway!
  8. Once I'm about to turn off the car and/or turn off my bluetooth head phones, I have paused the player went back to the the home screen on the phone and then disconnected, but another thing I haven't tried yet is to close the app (all together) I'll try that today and see what happens. This could be a simple patch from going through all of this just to PAUSE the song on disconnecting bluetooth. Isn't there a request section for Poweramp?
  9. Ye didn't work, it's with my new Note 4, I had the GS4 I sometimes did it, not everytime, plus I have the player on my lock screen for easy switch songs for driving too. I HATE IT!!!
  10. I listening to mixes that are bout an hour/ hour & a half long I start it on my bluetooth car stereo, but when I turn the car off, the song goes back to the start of the mix and not just paused from when it stopped, please help...what am I missing? It just gets annoying when I put my headphones in and want to continue from where I left off.
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