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Navigation is janky. Simple changes will be enough


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There should be an easy access to albums/artists.
Clicking on the album name/song name (1,2) should take you to the album.
Clicking on the artist's name should take you to the artist (3).
Sometimes I want to quickly go to artist/album tab quickly while scrolling, there's space for it : (4)



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I do like the idea of 1-3, but it would be very easy to mistap if the Title/Artist/Album text was in its normal default location overlaid over of the lower part of the cover artwork. And the text could well be auto-scrolling too (especially with the Artist / Album line). You do know it can already be done by long-pressing on the cover artwork don't you?

If it were to be implemented though, I think your item 1 (Song Title) ought to take you to the All Songs list.


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