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Notification bar player - track name issue

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Running Android 12 on Galaxy S10. Poweramp build 922.

There appears to be a track name issue on the notification bar player.

It manifests in this way: on main player and playing Song A. Then skip track to Song B and minimise the main player. Then, when the notification bar is pulled down to reveal the notification bar player, it stills shows Song A as the track playing, even though Song B is playing. Selecting pause or skip track on the notification bar player then corrects the issue. 

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@manorbas thanks for the feedback, but unfortunately this is firmware issue - the notification API is the same for Androids 10-12. 
Probably some workaround is possible if I’m able to reproduce the issue, but Samsung already updated Android 12 with a “security update” on my devices, so that can be fixed already.

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