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EQ Settings Reset At Every Song Change


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Been using the paid version for many years and this started several months ago.  Whats up with that?

To expand on this...

I have the EQ set to ROCK and tuned on TONE to add more bass and treble, I have it to where it sounds really good.  When the song changes the TONE setting set back to zero

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What preset is selected when you start playing a song? This will likely be the "default" that is always selected when music starts. Long press the "Rock" preset. In the tab that pops up, tap "Assign" scroll through the list and see which "device" is checked. If none, back out of settings. Tap the "Preset" pill button. Scroll through the list and look for any icons that appear under each preset. You'll see icons that represent USB, built-in speaker, Bluetooth, wired headphones, etc and possibly a device name. For any preset, you long press each one, tap "Assign" and check/un-check as necessary. See screenshot attached. Notice the Icons below "Phaiser" "Ram Diesel" and "Razer RP2"? Those are the output devices assigned to each specific preset. (I have custom presets for almost every audio device I own) Notice in the 2nd screenshot, Sony is "checked" and at the bottom I have options as to what to do with that preset.



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On 1/7/2022 at 1:18 AM, GerardoSc7 said:

Hey Guys I Think i Can Help i Had this Problem As Well Try Going To Settings - Audio- Equalizer - The Click Auto Save Option Make Sure its On Or Click on Restore Default But Make Sure Auto Save is On Let Me Know If It Works For U Guys! 

This works for me. 

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