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Not importing playlists


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I just got a new phone, and it won't import the playlists. I exported from my old phone before dismounting and removing the SD card and putting it in the new phone, but nothing comes up. Music is in the same place as before.

Since it wouldn't work, I manually put the playlists in there and made sure the folder is chosen as where it looks for stuff. But they still don't show up.

Thing is, this has happened before. I had to reset my old phone once, and even though the playlists were on there, the program refused to find them. I was still slowly remaking them when I got this new phone, and now I have to start all over again.

Old phone was Xperia XZ2 Compact, new is Xperia 5 III

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If you exported your previous internal playlists to physical .M3U8 files then as long as you then placed those files in a location on the new device that has permission for music scanning (as configured in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders) they should be detected during the next scan and displayed in the Playlists library category. Note: the default export location is local device storage, 'Playlists' folder, so check that you have actually copied them to an appropriate location on the SD Card. Once you've copied the M3U8 files to your new device, try a FULL Rescan (in PA Settings > Library) to ensure they get picked up. There is no need to do any special importing, they should be found and loaded by the scanner.

Did you use the new PA Settings > Backup Settings/Data feature (supported in Poweramp builds 912 and above) on your old device, as that can create a single portable file containing all your settings, playlists, ratings, and even downloaded artwork so you can simply restore everything onto your new device in one go. It's a really useful option when moving your setup to a new device.


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I can't understand why. When you copy an .M3U(8) file into one of your music locations (for now make sure that's a folder that contains actual music files that have been scanned into PA's library, not another subfolder) it should be picked up by a Rescan. If it's not, could you upload one of these copied files here please? (i.e. directly from the location that is failing to load, not from your Dropbox) 


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