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Ability for certain playlists to remember last position


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I notice that you can have Poweramp remember your last spot on a playlist/track, but that setting seems to be global.

I would like the feature to be tweaked so that it can be set per playlist. I have some playlists that are music, and I DONT want Poweramp to remember where i was on a track. However, on the audiobook playlists, having it remember where I was last would be very helpful. Whenever I change the setting in "List options" it seems to change it for ALL playlists, instead of just the one. It would be nice to customize the settings for each playlist individually, since playlists may have different types of media, and are used in different settings. 

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The List Options tickbox settings for 'List Position' and 'Per Track Progress' are specific to each individual Playlist (or each individual Folder, which is the other place these settings are available) and can be set independently, as you have asked. They are not based on duration, they are simply an on/off setting for that particular list.

However the 'Compact Header' and 'Show Titles only' List Options settings affect all playlists.


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