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Basically – When I hit up Library -> Albums and press the 🔀 button, it does indeed shuffle, but not in the way I imagined it would. For all practical purposes I can imagine, it's pretty much the same as shuffling tracks, unless that's actually what that button does regardless of which 'view' I'm currently active on? 😅


What I would like for it to do is to actually pick a random 'album' in my library and start on the first track and continue playing that album until it ends. Is there a way to do this currently, or is it a feature that could perhaps be implemented? 🤔

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Yes, the mode is called Shuffle Categories. Tap the Shuffle icon on the player screen to cycle to it (or long-press and pick it from the list).

Then each time you press the >>> button, PA will pick a new album (as long as you are listening in album mode obviously) and play its tracks in order, then shuffle to a new album, etc.


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