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Playlist Waypoints


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Is there a way to set waypoints in playlists/folders? 

It would work like the current Queue/PlayNext function, but instead of resuming the original playlist after playing, it would resume from where the song was queued. 

Playlist1: A, B, C

Playlist2: X, Y, Z

Currently playing A.  Queue up Y.  It should continue from Z. 

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Yes, you can set Playlists to remember the position within each list, and within each song too. This is a per-playlist setting: view the particular playlist that you want to modify, tap Menu > List Options, and enable List Memory for 'List Position' and 'Per Track Progress'. Then next time you tap the Play icon at the top of that playlist, it will resume playing wherever you last left off.


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That's not exactly what I mean tho. 

Let's say I'm listening to Artist A.  I want to queue up a song from Artist B's playlist, and I want it to keep playing Artist B's playlist after it is done with the queued song. 

As it is right now, once the queued song is finished, the playback goes back to Artist A's playlist and resumes where it left off.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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Ah, so you are not actually talking about a 'Playlist' (which is one specific playback method) but more generally about changing from listening to one group of songs - such as an Album or a Folder - to another one, but not until the current one has finished.

It sounds like you are asking about what I proposed a while ago in this thread:

At the moment, the only way to change the active playback category is to tap on a new album/folder/song/etc - but that makes the new song start immediately. The queue can be used for a short interruption after the current song has finished, but that is not a permanent change to a new Category (new Album, Artist, Folder, etc).

I still feel that the 'Play Next' function doesn't currently behave quite as a new user would expect - it ought to be a deferred way to tell PA to commence playing something new after the current song (or Category) finishes. The current task of adding something to the start of the queue could just as easily, and more logically, be achieved via a long-press on '>>Queue'.

So for example while listening to an Adele album, I could look through my Folders list to find a Pure Moods folder and long-press on it and tap 'Play Next'. That should not enqueue Pure Moods - which would only be a temporary interruption, which is what the '>>Queue' button is for - but instead cause the Pure Moods folder to start as the regular playback category after the Adele album has finished.


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