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Shuffle broken after adding track to playlist


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Build-302, Android 11, LG V60Thinq

If I press the shuffle button at the top of a folder list or playlist, then it shuffles through all the tracks in the folder(s) or playlist just fine. But after I add the currently playing track to a playlist, the shuffle is restricted to the current folder. You have to go back tot he folder or playlist view and click the shuffle button at the top to begin shuffle playing all the tracks again.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes. If I shuffle a collection of folders with, say, 500 tracks, it says 1/500. I play through a few and it shuffles fine, then when I add current track to playlist using the menu button on the album art in the Now Playing screen, it resets to 1/however many tracks are in the current folder.

Is there a way to disable this, so that it carries on shuffling through the original 500 (in my example above)?

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