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MKA support (Matroska audio files)


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Thanks for the request. It's quite easy to add, provided that PowerAMP already uses ffmpeg which supports a lot of formats. The only issue is the absence of mka files "in the wild", and I'm trying not to add formats just for checklist.

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What does "embed and standalone .cue files support" mean if MKA is not supported? If people were exposed to the amazing functionality of MKA, more people would use it. MKV video format is taking the web by storm because of the ability to store the chapter information in the single file.. The same goes for audio.

Splitting a continuous audio stream album like a Trance/Dance compilation to X264/MP3 as single compressed tracks leaves gaps. NO player plays single compressed tracks seamlessly. I'm an audiophile/producer and if i hear a click or slight hang-up between tracks, I want to crap myself there and then...

Ripping a complete album to one file and having a cue sheet inside the container to "skip" between tracks is just logical and it worked PERFECTLY on CorePlayer for Symbian (pity they don't develop for android)...

I ask with tears in my eyes - could we PLEASE get MKA support. If not, what other way can I have a single audio file with CUE file to play my music...



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