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I have a list of my top rated albums, as well as a list of some really good (but not quite making the cut to 'best') albums that I'd like to be able to put into a album 'collection' of sorts. I just don't want to have to scroll through thousands of albums to pick out my favorites.

Playlists don't seem to make the cut as they're for songs only, but if there was something like an albums playlist it would work. Maybe an album view in playlists would work as well. Is something like this possible?

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You can add whole albums (or other categories such as folders etc) to playlists, but you are right that once they've been added they then exist as a set of songs rather than a 'drill-down' entity.

You can reorder the songs in the playlist using menu > Re-sort, but they still exist as a long list of songs - there is no other option as playlists are nothing more than a set of pointers to individual song files.

For the future, there are plans to implement a 'Favourites' Library Category, into which you could add anything - folders, albums, artists, individual songs, etc. 


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Hi Andre,

The 'favourites library' would be exactly what I'm looking for. Any rough idea of when that could be released? Either way, looking forward to that.

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