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Tagging Issues After Android Update

Lee Prenton

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Hi all,

I've been using Poweramp for around 3-4 years, unlocked, all files stored on SD card (around 30,000 tracks, almost all FLAC).

Having updated Android (security patch) on August 20th, I'm having some issues with the following:

  1. Files I've downloaded from Qobuz have lost all images, don't show the length of the tracks when in playlists, and even when I update the images in the albums folder they remain off the tracks in playlists.
  2. Compilation albums in which tracks were tagged as "Various Artists" have now become tagged also with a secondary artist and started a lot of separate folders. This wasn't the case before the update and is only affecting about half of the albums like this.

Is there a way to revert back to how it was and save me a lot of time dragging everything off and starting again.... or doing the full rescan and then having to adjust tagging etc to tidy things up as they were before? No previous update has had this effect.

Currently using a Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G, Android v11 if that makes any difference. Poweramp is build 911, unlocker build 302.


Massively appreciate any help!!!!



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Could be a permissions thing? Might be worth revoking and re-assigning access permissions for the SD Card (in the Settings > Library > Music Folders screen) and then doing a FULL Rescan in Settings > Library. Backup any internal playlists first, just in case you lose anything from them.

FLAC files can contain multiple ARTIST (and ALBUM ARTIST) tags. Could that be the case in your example songs? For a compilation album, ideally there would be just one ALBUM ARTIST tag which is the same in each song - such as "Various Artists" - and potentially several ARTIST tags in each song, depending on how many performers are listed for each track. PA can show all those artist names separately within the Artists category, or if you view by Albums (or Album Artists) they will show as an album entity. We'd need to know how your files are tagged to be able to say much more. 


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