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$YAPS$ help

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Hi i'm in the skin of &yaps$ in the first pic i'm just want to know how I can put the font size more high there, and how i can hide the labels that appears on the header when I choose an album or put the background of the font transparent, and.. in the second picture i want to know how I can put off the seekbar and change the bottoms with that white background, maybe put more thin the duration of the song tho



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@Riv Kaplun for font sizes in library there are 2 options, 1. you can set the size of the text used in the header and main category list, 2. Set font size for the titles and album artist and metadata. On top of the there is a scale option to reduce or enlarge . For backgrounds, there is a whole host of options. For the seekbar, select colour options, seekbar color where you can set each component. Those buttons at the front, colour background, buttons background color (vis, shuffle etc)

There is also the option to set background colour of icons and library header.

I suggest you just try things out and experiment. This skin is like no other. Other skins mainly offer fixed colour options but with $yaps$ it is down to the users to be creative to get a unique look.


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