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  1. Hi hi, i can't stop scrobbling only the section of "stream" on Poweramp from last.fm?
  2. Hi hi i'm just changed of SD card but when I open every album their appears me with duplicate songs, how can I fix that?
  3. Exist a way to put the album art on the playing page more down and also the elapsed or duration seekbar move it up of the pro buttons?
  4. Hi i'm just want to ask if someone have a cool good equalizer that sounds great bass as main instrument
  5. @andrewilley but i mean only in this page when I play music i could do gradient of colors? Because i don't want the same background for the albums background view or general view
  6. How i put this site of the page the font more high but the font on the album page leave it a less big? - $yaps$
  7. Yes, I'm just want to hide the button outlines from there:)
  8. Thank u, and in the library doesn't appears me the artist name
  9. I personally love the beginning on Spotify idk if could be possible some similar on $yaps$ skin
  10. I'm in the skin of $Yaps$ and i want to know if it's possible hide the button outlines
  11. Hi i'm in the skin of &yaps$ in the first pic i'm just want to know how I can put the font size more high there, and how i can hide the labels that appears on the header when I choose an album or put the background of the font transparent, and.. in the second picture i want to know how I can put off the seekbar and change the bottoms with that white background, maybe put more thin the duration of the song tho
  12. And where i can get it? Can u send me the link please?
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